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Planning an event is hard work and social media plays a vital role in that process. However, social media should be used for more than just a tool for promoting an event before hand. It should also be used throughout an event to keep your customers informed, to sustain momentum and more importantly, to share vital and exciting updates across to everyone.

Social media has progressed and is now so integrated into everyone’s lives that people share their feedback, both positive and negative, on social media whilst still at the event, instead of to the organiser, friends and family afterwards. This means all events and projects are in the spotlight like never before. Having your event or project social media managed by Oh So Social will ensure that all customer questions and queries are quickly answered in a positive way; anything negative is responded to in a quick and professional manner and; any vital feedback is instantly passed on to the event ground team.

As part of our event and project social media offering we provide:

Content creation – Complete content creation from photography to updates before, during and after the event. 

Complete social media management – All of your social media networks taken care of throughout the project or event.

Live event social media – Live event updates across all social media networks with at least one member of the team at the event throughout. 

A team member – At least one member of the Oh So Social team on call at all times during the event to ensure all comments and questions are quickly dealt with.

 And so much more – A fully responsive and bespoke service helping to ensure your event or project is a success. 

Oh So Social has a wealth of experience in both events, tours and one-off projects, including The Man Engine and The Queen’s Birthday Book, while Oh So Founder, Katherine, has also managed high profile international tours. To find out more about Katherine and her success, please look at her LinkedIn profile here.

To find out more about how Oh So Social can help you make the most of your event or project, please give us a call on +44 (0) 1326 450333 or contact us here for a bespoke quote.